(May 15, 2020) – After the release of the top-ten Micro Sprint drivers in the state of California for 2019, several significant championship winning drivers missed the cut. It is time to honor every California champion to wrap up our recap of the 2019 season. Photos by Chris Cleveland, Cameron Hageman, and Tim Aylwin.

Micro Sprint Rankings #3-#1

Micro Sprint Rankings #7-#4

Micro Sprint Rankings #10-#8  


Jr. Sprints – Lucas Mauldin (NR) | Rancho Murieta, CA
Every single Jr. Sprints race at Delta was won by a #55 car, including champion Mauldin and Visalia’s Jett Barnes.

Restricted – Logan Trevino (NR) | Madera, CA
Across the state the Restricted division had exciting championship battles. Trevino’s title at Delta was no exception, winning over four-time winner Devon Courtnier by 39 points. Jade Avedisian of Clovis and Jeffrey Pahule rounded out the tightly wound top-four.

Non-Wing – Caden Sarale (#3) | Stockton, CA
The first half of Sarale’s sweep of Delta championships came in Non-Wing with four victories. Brandon Carey of Ripon’s three wins gave him second place over the consistent Chad Laughton.

Super 600 – Caden Sarale (#3) | Stockton, CA
Only one Super 600 victory, coming on a night where he swept both features in July, was enough for Sarale to win the Super title. Mitchel Moles won three times to rank second over Raio Salmon and Nikko Panella.


Jr. Sprints – Makayla Tatoole (NR) | Sacramento, CA
The younger half of the Tatoole racing family won the Jr. Sprints championship in 2019.

Restricted – Ashton Torgerson (NR) | Central Point, OR
Restricted was a three-way battle at Dixon Speedway. Torgerson wheeled his Ten-J chassis to top Sacramento’s Matthew Tatoole and Pahule. Only 46 points separated these three drivers with Oakley’s Bryant Bell in fourth.

Non-Wing – Norman Harley Rose (NR) | San Jose, CA
The largest division at Dixon Speedway had a tight battle for the championship. Rose won by just 30 points over Derrick Patterson with Taylor DeCarlo and veteran Randy Sims within striking distance throughout the year.

Super 600 – Kyle Mentch (NR) | Alameda, CA
Mentch won the championship by over 300 points in the final rundown.


Jr. Sprints – Cash Lovenburg (NR) | Visalia, CA
Lovenburg fought tooth and nail with Jett Barnes throughout the season with multiple top-two finishes.

Restricted – Jade Avedisian (#4) | Clovis, CA
Part of her sweep of the Restricted championships at the Southern tracks, Avedisian won the Keller Raceway title in 2019. Her highlight at the speedway was her victory during the Mark Hagopian Memorial.

Super Stock – Bryson Bettencourt (NR) | Tulare, CA

Non-Wing – Mitchel Moles (#1) | Raisin City, CA
One of Moles’ four championships in California came in Visalia. He won the Outlaw Nationals and the Turkey Night as part of his 45 win season across the state.

Super 600 – Corey Day (#2) | Clovis, CA
The number two driver in the state won his second consecutive Plaza Park championship after winning Restricted in 2018.


Jr. Sprints – Jett Barnes (NR) | Visalia, CA
The youngest Jr. Sprint champion in the state won six main events to narrowly defeat Cash Lovenburg by just ten points in the final rundown.

Restricted – Jade Avedisian (#4) | Clovis, CA
Avedisian persevered over Lemoore’s Gauge Garcia winning seven times at Lemoore. Avedisian drove car #14 to a 14 point advantage at the end of a thrilling 2019 Restricted season in California.

Super Stock – Ryan Rocha (NR) | Hanford, CA

Non-Wing – Mitchel Moles (#1) | Raisin City, CA
Like Sarale in Stockton, Moles swept both championships at Lemoore Raceway in 2019. His Non-Wing performance was dominant with ten wins and an over 250 point advantage over Katey Syra.

Super 600 – Mitchel Moles (#1) | Raisin City, CA
Six Super 600 victories propelled Moles to the championship with Bakersfield’s Garrett Twitty a distant second by several hundred markers.


Restricted – Gauge Garcia (#5) | Lemoore, CA
Garcia made up for narrow losses to Avedisian in the track points battles by winning the Hoosier Tire California Speedweek. Garcia won 17 races total during the season.

Non-Wing – Tristan Guardino (NR) | Fremont, CA
Guardino was a surprise snub from the Micro Sprint rankings for 2019 despite winning a tough Non-Wing Speedweek crown. Guardino led Sarale by just ten points at the end of the four race series.

Super 600 – Mitchel Moles (#1) | Raisin City, CA
Moles captured the “big bear” as Speedweek champion and part of a Ten-J Chassis sweep of the event. Moles never finished worse than third throughout the Super 600 portion of the event.

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