WATSONVILLE, CALIF. (September 27, 2020) – Salinas’ Bobby Hogge used a dramatic pass on the outside to take his fifth career Pettit Shootout victory on Saturday night at Ocean Speedway in Watsonville, Calif. The victory in the tenth running of the Shootout paid $3006-to-win and came over a 64-car turnout of IMCA Modifieds at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds. Photo by Dennis Mattish

2020 Antioch Speedway champion Troy Fougler went around the outside of Nick Decarlo to lead the first lap of the main event. Kellen Chadwick anchored a tremendous battle for the third position that included seventh starting Hogge. Brad Pounds of Bakersfield took over third on lap 13.

Decarlo stayed with Foulger and looked on the inside in turn one on lap 21. Pounds then tried to pass Decarlo into turn three but spun to bring out the caution.

Tenth starting Robby Sawyer of Bakersfield challenged Fougler for the lead over the final laps with both drivers jockeying for the bottom line. Hogge seized the opportunity to go upstairs, as he had done very successfully in Friday’s preliminary action as well. Hogge nabbed the lead going down the backstretch on the final lap of the event, crossing underneath the double checkered flags with the $3006 triumph. Sawyer, Foulger, Decarlo, and Bakersfield’s Kyle Heckman rounded out the top-five. Event organizer Jim Pettit II finished 13th.

Grass Valley’s Andrew Peckham duplicated his Friday win by taking the $1006-to-win Saturday portion of the IMCA Sport Modifieds. The victory is his third of the year at Ocean Speedway. Peckham started on the outside pole position alongside of Todd Gomez and quickly took over the lead.

2015 Pettit Shootout winner Fred Ryland tried to use the outside to challenge Peckham over the closing laps. Ryland came up a car length short as they raced side-by-side across the finishline. Gomez finished third over 14th starting Cale Kanke of Frazier Park and Bakersfield’s Nick Spainhoward.

Nicholas Johnson of Bakersfield repeated with his second consecutive Hobby Stock Pettit Shootout championship worth $506 to win. Bakersfield’s Kevin Irwin led the way through a series of early race cautions while Johnson advanced from tenth up to third by the sixth lap of the race.
Johnson went inside of Irwin in a side-by-side duel that culminated with Johnson credited with the lead on lap 14.

The caution flew a lap later to set up a single file restart. Johnson successfully held the lead, topping Irwin, Mitch Enos, two-time Pettit Shootout winner Billy Nelson, and Steve Remde of Watsonville as the top-five finishers.

For more information, visit The Ocean Speedway continues on October 17th with the 60th running of the Johnny Key Classic for the Ocean Sprints presented by Taco Bravo.

IMCA Modifieds (33 laps)
1. 2H-Bobby Hogge IV[7]; 2. 198-Robby Sawyer[10]; 3. 49-Troy Foulger[2]; 4. 17-Nick DeCarlo[1]; 5. 11X-Kyle Heckman[8]; 6. 22D-Ryan Daves[13]; 7. 38T-Dylan Thornton[16]; 8. 1-Shawn Natenstedt[18]; 9. 54N-Nick Trenchard[9]; 10. 91X-Michael Scruggs[11]; 11. 88P-Carl Berendsen[20]; 12. 20-Cody Burke[22]; 13. 6-Jim Pettit II[25]; 14. 55-Brian Cass[19]; 15. 07T-Randy Thornell[21]; 16. ONE2-Josh Combs[15]; 17. 83-Kellen Chadwick[4]; 18. 1B-Tim Balding[23]; 19. 15B-Brad Pounds[6]; 20. 15G-Anthony Giuliani[24]; 21. 29C-Aaron Crowell[12]; 22. 19K-Buddy Kniss[17]; 23. 60-William Gould[3]; 24. 44S-Shane DeVolder[5]; 25. 41-Danny Lauer[14]

IMCA Sport Modifieds (23 laps)
1. 75-Andrew Peckham[2]; 2. 7J-Fred Ryland[4]; 3. 38A-Todd Gomez[1]; 4. 33-Cale Kanke[14]; 5. 40-Nick Spainhoward[5]; 6. 86-Phillip Shelby[8]; 7. 10-Guy Ahlwardt[13]; 8. 188-Kenny Shrader[7]; 9. 33P-Gavin Espino[6]; 10. 28P-John Piker[17]; 11. 15P-Andrew Pearce[16]; 12. 75X-Jim DiGiovanni[3]; 13. 04M-Austin Manzella[15]; 14. 38-KC Keller[12]; 15. 2C-Trevor Clymens[18]; 16. 76-Mark Garner[9]; 17. 7D-Kodie Dean[20]; 18. 39-Steven Allee[22]; 19. 22-Adriane Frost[21]; 20. 51V-Vaughn Vondera[11]; 21. 0-Justin Gonzalez[23]; 22. 14T-Tanner Thomas[19]; 23. 3-Dylan Potter[24]; 24. 7 7-Aaron Farrell[10]

Hobby Stocks (23 laps)
1. 1N-Nicholas Johnson[10]; 2. 2-Kevin Irwin[1]; 3. 72-Mitch Enos[9]; 4. 83N-Billy Nelson[11]; 5. 31W-Steve Remde[4]; 6. 777-Mark Morton[19]; 7. 38-Ryan Hart[23]; 8. 33T-Jerry Skelton[6]; 9. 1-Joe Gallaher[24]; 10. 66W-Ken Winland[14]; 11. 88S-Bobby Huckaby Sr[18]; 12. 44-Austin VanHoff[7]; 13. 71-Dave Schuyler Sr[12]; 14. 88J-Bobby Huckaby Jr[15]; 15. 56-Kevin Lesch[22]; 16. 25-Quintin Harris[20]; 17. 58-Dave Schuyler[5]; 18. 38CC-James Coots[8]; 19. 80D-Dylan Wilson[17]; 20. 6-Chris Bennett[21]; 21. 22-Adriane Frost[13]; 22. 01-Jimmy Robbins[16]; 23. (DQ) 21D-Domossie Scoggins[3]; 24. (DQ) 57-Sam Kennedy[2]

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