STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA (October 30, 2021) – Three-time consecutive Super 600 Delta Speedway track champion Caden Sarale of Stockton capped a career-defining season with a $2,000 victory in the 40-lap Turkey Bowl XXII on Saturday night. Sarale is now a five-time Turkey Bowl winner to go with eight track championships at the 1/7th mile dirt oval at the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds. Photo by Top Dawg Photos

Sarale worked the bottom at the start to take the lead from Clovis’ Jade Avedisian. Fresno’s Jake Hagopian passed Medford’s Austin Torgerson for third on lap three. The leaders encountered lapped traffic by lap nine with Stockton’s Nikko Panella briefly showing a nose to Torgerson for fourth. Torrid driving in and out of traffic was halted by a caution on lap 18 for Granite Bay’s Brad Hannum stopped in turn two.

Brentwood’s Jeffrey Pahule, Jr. slowed on the backstretch for the next caution on lap 21. Avedisian had just shown Sarale a nose on the inside before the caution flew.

Avedisian went back down to the bottom on the restart, taking over the top spot on the exit on turn four on lap 22. Sarale fell into a battle with Hagopian for second before driving away. Avedisian remained committed to the bottom and Sarale battled back, driving past Avedisian around the outside to lead lap 32. Hagopian defended a challenge from Panella then took second from Avedisian a lap later.

Sarale led the final eight laps for the triumph ahead of Hagopian, Avedisian, Panella, and Torgerson.

Jade Avedisian used an opening lap move around the outside of 2018 track champion Tj Smith to lead all 40-laps for the $2,000 Non-Wing victory. Avedisian was slated to start fourth but inherited the outside pole after a big crash on the opening lap. Outside pole sitter Colton Jones flipped on the backstretch, requiring a red flag and moving the outside row forward for the restart.

Brentwood’s Jeffrey Pahule followed Avedisian to the front, with the young duo running one-two after passing Smith. Broedy Graham of Bakersfield went over in turn one for a red flag on lap seven. Former Turkey Bowl winner Dan Mognaga of Valley Springs was eliminated by the incident as well.

Pahule slowed from second position on lap nine on the top of turn four. Smith moved into second as a result. Avedisian had a strong lead on Smith until a bobble on the cushion in turn three placed them nose to tail. The red flag came out simultaneously for Reilee Phillips having a fire in turn one on lap 27. Avedisian motored ahead for the win ahead of Smith, who earned $1,000 for second place. Robbie Lewis of Brentwood, Porterville’s Cameron Paul, and Fresno’s Koen Shaw rounded out the top-five.

Teagan Moles scored a $1,000 victory in the 35-lap feature for Restricted. A multi-car skirmish on the opening lap led to a melee with Nathan Ward of Bakersfield flipping on the backstretch. Mickelina Monica, Deegan Irey, Adrianna DeMartini, and Jayden Huppert all failed to complete the first lap. Andi Jones had a right rear flat tire but was able to rejoin the action.

Antioch’s Lucas Johnson led the way with pressure from 2021 track champion Jett Barnes of Visalia. Barnes took over the lead on lap 11. Cash Lovenburg of Visalia advanced from 14th starting position to fifth by lap 14. Peyton Whitehouse spun in turn three and nearly collected Johnson for a caution on lap 17.

Lovenburg continued his charge on the restart as he took over fourth. Moles challenged Johnson for second and took over the position on lap 30. Two laps later, Barnes was sideways on the backstretch allowing Moles to capitalize. Moles led lap 33 while Barnes bounced off the backstretch wall on the following lap and fell backwards. Moles took the exciting $1,000 Restricted Turkey Bowl followed by Lovenburg, 2020 Jr. Sprints track champion Lucas Mauldin of Rancho Murieta, Barnes, and Johnson.

2021 Jr. Sprints champion Brody Rubio of Manteca earned his ninth win of the season by taking the $1,000 to win Turkey Bowl XXII. Baxon Vasconcellos led the field from the pole position before a caution for Heston Stepps of Oakdale spinning on the front stretch.

Vasconcellos and Rubio leapt ahead of the field on the restart while Bakersfield’s Blayden Graham challenged Hayden Stepps for third. Rubio looked inside Vasconcellos into turn one on lap seven and had the lead by lap eight. The red flag flew on the following lap for Charlie Haines flipping in turn two. Graham nabbed second on the restart from Vasconcellos.

In the final seven laps, the leaders were mired in heavy traffic with Graham hanging on the back bumper of Rubio. Rubio persevered for the lucrative victory with Graham taking a $500 second place. Vito Cancilla of Pleasant Hill advanced to third followed by Vasconcellos and Hayden Stepps.

The Turkey Bowl XXII concluded the 2021 season for Delta Speedway presented by Financial Center Credit Union. A Championship Awards Banquet is tentatively slated for January 29, 2022.

Turkey Bowl XXII was presented by 22 Metal Works, Teletech Communications, Joe W. Lewis Snap on Tools, NorCal Builders Inc, Seros Racing Engines, Dell’s Heating and Air, United Rentals, Righetti Enterprises, Panella Trucking LLC, East Bay Tire Co., Panella Race Engines, Tarlton and Son, Elk Grove Ford, Salmon Motorsports, Oak Farm Vineyards, American Crane Rental Inc., Sarale Farms, Forbidden Motorsports, Auto Industrial Paint, Dentoni’s Welding Works, Pape Kenworth, Brash Media Outdoor, Southern Pacific Farms, Battery Bill, and CBX.

Delta Speedway Stockton thanks Financial Center Credit Union, Interstate Truck Center, Lovotti Air, 22 Metal Works, Van De Pol Petroleum, Kludt Oil, Starr Property Management, Solari’s Backhoe Service, PMP Chassis, Genova Bakery, Hoosier Tire, and Performance Electronics for their support of the 2021 season.

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Delta Speedway Results – October 30, 2021 *TURKEY BOWL XXII*

SUPER 600 (40 LAPS)

1. 24-Caden Sarale[1]; 2. 14X-Jake Hagopian[5]; 3. 14-Jade Avedisian[2]; 4. 73-Nikko Panella[7]; 5. 88-Austin Torgerson[3]; 6. 9AU-Lachlan Caunt[4]; 7. 21G-Gauge Garcia[11]; 8. 67-JJ Loss[10]; 9. 121-Caeden Steele[17]; 10. 12-Alex Panella[9]; 11. 32A-Colton Huelsmann[15]; 12. 13H-Brad Hannum[6]; 13. 88C-Dominic Carter[16]; 14. 34-Devon Courtnier[20]; 15. 20-James Andrichuk[18]; 16. 17-Caden Stoll[13]; 17. 5-Mattix Salmon[21]; 18. 24S-Izaak Sharp[22]; 19. 22M-Brett McColloch[12]; 20. 27-Ron Singh[14]; 21. 7-John Bordenave[19]; 22. 44X-Jeffery Pahule[8]


1. 14-Jade Avedisian[4]; 2. 8G-TJ Smith[1]; 3. 85-Robbie Lewis[6]; 4. 1J-Cameron Paul[7]; 5. 88P-Koen Shaw[5]; 6. 32-Caden Sarale[8]; 7. 121-Caeden Steele[20]; 8. 77-Sage Bordenave[12]; 9. 5-Mattix Salmon[19]; 10. 88-Austin Torgerson[17]; 11. 67-JJ Loss[18]; 12. 83K-Colin Kirby[16]; 13. 02-Ashton Torgerson[21]; 14. 88R-Reilee Phillips[14]; 15. 44X-Jeffery Pahule[3]; 16. 05R-Brandon Riveira[9]; 17. 22M-Dan Mognaga[11]; 18. 66X-Broedy Graham[13]; 19. 83V-Tim Vaught[15]; 20. 0-Brandon Shaw[22]; 21. 9-Colton Jones[2]; 22. 04-Cody Gray[10]


1. 4-Teagan Moles[3]; 2. 21-Cash Lovenburg[14]; 3. 55X-Lucas Mauldin[9]; 4. 55-Jett Barnes[2]; 5. 7J-Lucas Johnson[1]; 6. 30-Isabel Barnes[13]; 7. 33-Andrew Smith[23]; 8. 2-Taylor Mayhew[17]; 9. 3D-Destry Miller[10]; 10. 7K-Kennzzie Brown[16]; 11. 76-Triton OBrien[20]; 12. 20-Otto Perreira[12]; 13. 29V-Vito Celli `[18]; 14. 5-Kellan Harper[15]; 15. 7A-Andi Jones[7]; 16. 77K-Kyle Fernandez[21]; 17. 2E-Elijah Elder[22]; 18. 10P-Peyton Whitehouse[8]; 19. 55J-Jayden Huppert[4]; 20. 9-Adrianna DeMartini[5]; 21. 95-Nathan Ward[6]; 22. 84-Deegan Irey[11]; 23. 21M-Mickelina Monico[19]

1. 25R-Brody Rubio[3]; 2. 66B-Blayden Graham[4]; 3. V5-Vito Cancilla[7]; 4. 13V-Braxon Vasconcellos[1]; 5. 98-Hayden Stepps[2]; 6. 38J-Jackson Tardiff[5]; 7. 77L-Landon Jones[8]; 8. 9J-Levi Osborne[11]; 9. 25A-Bradley Anderson[6]; 10. 68-McKenna Morgan[13]; 11. 96-Briggs Davis[10]; 12. 10D-Dean Skrifvars[15]; 13. 55X-Maya Mauldin[9]; 14. 15-Jaxson Sowers[14]; 15. 99-Heston Stepps[12]; 16. 24N-Nathan Fernandez[17]; 17. 51-Porter Zachary[16]; 18. 9-Charlie Haines[18]

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