STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA (May 2, 2020) – No-cost pre-registrations for the 2020 Hoosier Tire California Speedweek have opened with 44 cars intending to compete in the event scheduled for June 23-27. Drivers compete for the coveted carved wooden bear trophies across Super 600, Non-Wing, and Restricted competition with four events in five days.

The Speedweek will remain as scheduled until no later than June 1st. If any of the four tracks are without clarity from local health officials at that time, the entire Speedweek will be postponed with an effort to reschedule for later in the year.

As a result, the 2020 Speedweek will see a significant change with no car count limits. Driver registration will change as well. Drivers can pre-register their car number for free at On race nights, drivers will pay a nightly $75 entry fee to Speedweek to be able to compete ($300 total, not including transponder or track fees). Registering on the website adds a driver and team to the series email list as well, allowing Speedweek officials to easily contact participants in case the event is rescheduled.

For more information, visit or follow the series on Facebook and Twitter.

The Hoosier Tire California Speedweek is presented by: Hoosier Racing Tire, Elk Grove Ford, Hyper Chassis, Driven Performance, Performance Electronics, Keizer Wheels, Competition Suspension, Wilwood Brakes, Chalk Stix, Bullet Impressions, and Fast Four Media.

Non-Wing 3 Chris Hinkle Lodi
Non-Wing 10 Jay Root (owner) Fair Oaks
Non-Wing 11 Stefan Sidur Fresno
Non-Wing 32 Caden Sarale Stockton
Non-Wing 51 Brody Fuson Bakersfield
Non-Wing 73 Katey Syra Corcoran
Non-Wing 07x Troy Morris III Bakersfield
Non-Wing 27D Don McLeister Stockton
Non-Wing 28k Kevin Carter Los Banos
Non-Wing 3L Jimmy Leal Laton
Non-Wing 3R Nick Robfogel Petaluma
Non-Wing 7R Norman Harley Rose San Jose
Non-Wing 43E Eddie Hamblen Pine, AZ
Non-Wing 44T Austin Taborski Quincy
Non-Wing 44x Drew Laeber Roseville
Non-Wing 61v Nick Van Atta Yuba City
Non-Wing 87F Josh Hurley Livermore

Restricted 2 Austin Wood Sacramento
Restricted 21 Cash Lovenburg Visalia
Restricted 63 Colton Key Fresno
Restricted 67 JJ Loss San Jose
Restricted 05R Brandon Riveira Tracy
Restricted 11m Kayla Martin Brownsburg, IN
Restricted 20A James Andrichuk Roseville
Restricted 72B Bryant Bell Oakley
Restricted 88w Doug Whitney Stanwood

Super 600 2 Hailey Wood Sacramento
Super 600 3 Chris Hinkle Lodi
Super 600 15 Cody Key Fresno
Super 600 17 Joshua Rogers Hanford
Super 600 21 Gauge Garcia Lemoore
Super 600 24 Caden Sarale Stockton
Super 600 27 Ron Singh Rancho Cordova
Super 600 49 Jarrett Rogers Hanford
Super 600 51 Brody Fuson Bakersfield
Super 600 96 Pete Piantanida Discovery Bay
Super 600 07x Troy Morris III Bakersfield
Super 600 11c Colin Mackey Bellingham, WA
Super 600 14SF Blaine Baxter Santa Rosa
Super 600 21K Kyle Mentch Alameda
Super 600 28k Kevin Carter Los Banos
Super 600 32A Colton Huelsmann Knightsen
Super 600 4L Lane Taylor Roy, WA
Super 600 44x Jeffrey Pahule Jr. Brentwood

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